One of the most fun aspects of working as a designer is creating visuals for a wide array of projects. Oftentimes, books do not need text (interior) design after the first edition, or if the book is a customized version of a national title, a new cover might be all that is necessary. Included in this section are the various cover designs completed for projects that did not require extensive text design or had text design completed by another designer.

While only front covers are shown here, the entire cover, including spine, was designed for these projects.
UNT Press
Texas Ranger Captain William L. Wright is a book slated to be published in the fall of 2021 by UNT Press. This cover was a lot of fun to design, and Captain Wright sounds like an interesting fellow. UNT Press has a whole series of books about Texas Rangers, so if you're into the Wild West, check them out.
Design Comps
I provided the below design comps to the author to choose from. He favored the cactus background and muted sepia tone treatment of the sixth option, so that's the version that will go to press.
Fountainhead Press
The covers below were all designed during my tenure with Fountainhead Press.
University of Idaho Chemistry Manuals
Chosen Covers
Rejected Designs
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