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Radiant Fettle Social Media Graphic
Initial Product Photography
Initially, I went for an earthy, granola look with my product photography and brand voice. This didn't resonate with me because it looked more dull than earthy.
Final Product Photography
In my explorations of my brand and offering, I decided I wanted something clean and visceral, so I pushed for more bright light and deep shadows in my product images. I also utilized light to focus on the beautiful textures of my products as I refined my recipes and processes.
My friend Andrea of Holey Bowls fame created some amazing ceramic pieces!
I also teamed up with Ryan of Cedar-Wood Roasting Co. to make some great package deals for our customers!
Jewelry Design & Crafting
In an effort to branch out, I made some Japa Malas. The practice of creating hand-knotted malas is meditative and the results are beautiful.
My business ultimately did not take off. All that remains of Radiant Fettle is the old blog and this very kind spotlight on the HSCG website. It was a great learning experience—I met a lot of wonderful people and created a lot of great soaps and Japa Malas!

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